• The Holy Quran

  • TO ALL Muslims

      All true Muslims and those of Muslim heritage must take the following oath. The oath must be a public statement, signed, and duly recorded.

      I swear by Allah, that I am against terrorism and that all forms of terrorism are against the teachings of Islam. I condemn Koranic schools and leaders that teach or otherwise promote terrorism. I profess this with Allah as my witness and in the belief that eternal separation from the good of Allah will be my just reward if I fail to report any person or communication, that supports any form of terrorism, to local or national civil government authorities. I further swear by Allah that I am against any who oppose religious freedom except for those who worship Satan or approve of Satanic activities such as sodomy, abortion, adultery, drug growing, producing, transporting and selling, and torturing or other maltreatment of prisoners.

      Insha' Allah (God willing) may all who fail to immediately report plans of terrorists, war seekers, and those in immoral trade -whether it be drugs or via kidnaping- to civil authorities be brought to a cruel end. Insha' Allah may one of the Holy Shrines of Islam be destroyed if I break my oath and may such evil be upon my head and the heads of the members of my immediate family and other near relatives. "There is no God but Allah, and Muhammad is the messenger of Allah"